Music on South First

On the first Saturday of each month, the street is closed to vehicle traffic, live music is played in the street, and local artists and musicians share their creations. The vibrance of South First Street lives on.

After hours, the street is cleaned up in preparation for the next day and then re-opened to auto traffic.

[ image of the herrold lab at night with music out front . jpg ]


San Jose Art Walk

The street is closed once again. Artists, musicians, clothiers, merchants and local farmers convene and set up for the day’s events. The street surges with showings of live art and music while the open market takes place in among the excitement.

Locals and visitors to the city come together to share their creations and bask in our city’s culture.

[ image of people engaging in the street before garden city glass . jpg ]

Everybody Wins

Our new residents in the Gateway Tower will have this to enjoy along with our town’s current populace.

The city advances its plans, the developer’s dream comes to fruition, everyone involved gets to enjoy the South First Street Artist’s Row and no buildings are lost. It feels great when everyone has a reason to be happy and nothing is destroyed!

[ image of the buildings on first with the gateway tower in the background . jpg ]

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