We Love Radio

Every one of us grew up listening to the radio, and therefore every one of us has a connection to Mr. Herrold. Preserving his laboratory as a functioning space for radio broadcasting, audio recording, performance, and exhibition of Mr. Herrold's life and work, would do the city much good.

We can put something housing in any number of nearby locations without permanently erasing part of our city's interesting and influential history.

Radio Booth / Sound Studio / Wireless Lab

Music and Information from and about your city will soar through the skies to the people of San Jose!

Locals who have prepared in the adjacent art and music classes may use the Sound Studio to record their creations.

The Young and Old alike will continue research and invention in the field of Wireless Technology in the Charles Herrold Laboratory. Doc's very own equipment being present in the lab along with images and tributes to his life will inspire those who continue his dream in the very place where he once gave birth the dream we have inherited from him.

The Signal Lives!

In league with Mr. Herrold’s dream of delivering knowledge and entertainment in a remote fashion, Radio San Jose has a plan for the lab that sees it living on rather than being torn down and replaced with a static display.

Lend a hand!

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